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EC represents your creative imaginations
We understand your quest for creativity, customisation and detailed media presence. We assure you our custom made artwork and services will do all the talking for you 

Let's create a piece for you, and finesse it to your taste


Nothing is too small to be represented graphically. With the correct information, the right color combination, images that speaks volumes and quality tools and applications, we bring those thoughts to live. No idea is rubbish, if it’s an idea, it can be represented!

Our Design Specialism are listed below.

Business Cards

As an entrepreneur, you need a business card. We can tailor one with your brand name and contact details

Marketing & Advertising

Great marketing engages people based on the wants, needs, awareness and satisfaction about your product. Let's advertise for you digitally


Packaging is everything! At events, showcases, seminars, we brand you up to display your products and services.


Publications are long-form pieces that communicates with your audience through free distribution. Go public with us!

All Flyers

Your birthdays, public events, kids parties, social gatherings, barbecues, lets design your flyers and invites

Corporate Flyers

All your work functions, events and seminars can be nicely represented to attract your audience. Let's bring it to live


We design colorful, detailed and attractive magazines that will engage your audience and get them reading!


Are you a new business who wants an on the street presence, your brochures can speak volumes for you. Let's design them!

Company Signage

Locating you and knowing your business availability is very important. Let's design your signs for you!

All Signages

No matter what the sign is, we will design it! Your brand presence is key, it has to be captivating and a one stop check me out!


We create layouts with carefully selected typography and artwork, which includes photography graphics and illustrations. Patronise us!

Picture Albums

We take all your pictures, arrange them and touch them up nicely and from it create a digital albums for you

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