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As a kid, i’ve always had a lot of love for innovation and colours and I know a creatively crafted piece when I see one. Beautiful and colorful designs, crafts and productions, I see myself unconsciously becoming a critic of each piece, thinking how it can get better and silently say more. Built my First website about 18 years ago, and since then i’ve not looked back.

From webdesign, I dabbled into graphics designing, digital branding, online social networking solutions and a whole lot of other things, I provided good solutions to churches, NGOs and friends for FREE for a good number of years.  Then I decided go professional, I took classes, trained, learnt new tools and birthed……. 



Professionalism is key when it comes to delivering client expectations at EC. First impression brings you back. 



Our dedicated team have real expertise and experience with giving a personal touch to each client’s journey & needs.



Passing on value is a key deliverable to our clients. We use innovative softwares & tech expertise to make this happen. 

“your value Is Our Business, not because You Pay Us, but because We Grow When You Are Happy!”

Ayodele A. aRIYIBI

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We are all about delivering your business value. 

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Experience - Web Design
Web Design - 10 Years + 92%
Experience - Graphics Design
Graphics Design - 5 Years + 85%
Experience - Party DJ
Music & Party DJ - 10 Years + 96%

All our customers are always satisfied and we can boast of a 100% success rate and returning customers and Ephraim Consults 

The EC Way is a winning way. We do everything possible to make sure we take you through an excellent journey. We go the extra mile

Our process is quick and smooth. We do all to deliver client jobs a day before the agreed date for review and update. Communication is key so if you are not happy with the process, we can someworth within reasons tailor it to your expectations  

Our usual office hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can leave us a message and we promise to get back to you in 24 Hours. 

Customer satisfaction is key at EC. If you bring a job to us and you are not satisfied with it, we incorporate your comments to make it right at no extra cost. We even throw in a discount. We can guarantee you will be impressed with our work.

You have your idea, all you need is communicate it to us and our team of specialists are able to help you with packages best suited to your idea. We bring out the best in your business.